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oh the places you'll go.

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so I made it to my destination, safe and sound. And now I am here for todays theme. Since I am doing a road trip I thought it would be fun to do it based on that. So todays theme is things you see on a road trip :)

I have seen plenty of boulders. None as big as this one though :)

Trees. if i had a nickel for ever tree I saw, I would be so rich.

then next one are road signs. on an eight hour drive you will see PLENTY of these. trust me

cows. there wern't as many as I thought there would be, but there were enough to remember them :)

i don't know about you but, there always seem to be at least one rainbow on my road trips. this time there were four!

so what do you see on your road trips?

Lauren :)

p.s. lately I have really been getting pumped about blogging. I though I'd just let you know your comments make my day :)