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Friday Love. Better Late then Never

"Fancy Friday"The Perfect Pear3 Comments
Let pretend it Friday. And that today is Friday Love. (Ive been super busy and didn't have the energy to blog about the things I love yesterday.) I've got lots of energy today and am totally ready to show you my favourites for this week so far. I went to a second hand book store and got some old postcards from the 1900's there so lovely and I'm totally in love with them.

get ready. Friday love.
Cherry Blossoms. It's the real clue that says spring is officially here.
I've also been searching for the perfect pair of cowboy boots that I'm totally in love with but I haven't come across them yet. Still searching.
i recently found out about mint green nail polish on Elsie's blog. A beautiful mess. Ive been in love ever since. Gettin some of this in the near future.
the next thing is grapefruits. I cannot stop eating these. Probably not so good for my teeth because of the acid but they are just so juicy and delicious.
so I mentioned old postcard above. They have just recently become part of my Friday Love.
These are just a few of the ones I got.
you don't even know how much I'm in love with this. I sound like a broken record. but really its amazing. Victoria Secret.
i thought that this was pretty clever to display your art work. its very interchangeable.
apple cider is great for Christmas but personally i could drink it anytime. Especially in these apple cups. The great thing is that after you drink it, then you eat the apple and its all apple cider flavoured. so yummy.
lastly. really liking Elsie little snow hat. I want to make one but don't know if it will look good on me. I don't know what do you think? theres a how to here.

p.s. got a new haircut. like it?
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