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The Very Beginning

The Perfect Pear2 Comments

Hmmm... Where to start?
Well First of all my name is Lauren. I'm not like a lot of people I know
in the sense that I spend a humongous amount of time doing crafts
and other creative things. I'm also a kind of a nerd.
I'm really into watching movies, crocheting, knitting? well not so much. Spending time with the family and a BUNCH of other stuff. But I wont bore you. Let me tell you what this blog is for!.
eek I'm so excited!
So this blog is basically for those who are really into crafts and making things
I will be posting my ideas on crafts, like patterns, new ideas and some other stuff
I also will be doing something on Mondays (hopefully I can keep it up) where I make something and give you instructions so you can make it too.
So you get the gist of it right?? Anyone out there?
Oh and I would love new Ideas on crafts!

Excited to get going